Aakash Maindwal Foundation” since its formation (03/09/2009) has been keenly interested in educating the underprivileged girl children. AMF believes that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only when more and more privileged people will join this movement.  The Foundation also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for these children is by educating them. That’s why Aakash Maindwal Foundation’ (AMF) is encouraging dropouts to continue their studies through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

The foundation initially started by teaching the girl children from the house. These underprivileged girl children’s were then taught in the Ground Floor of the Apartment at the Correspondence address. Due to increase in the number of children the foundation entered into a new venture on 8th July 2012 by taking a rented accommodation and opening an institute called “TAMANNA” at 165-A, Kamana, Sector –V, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. The number of children kept on increasing and the foundation took a two room rented accommodation in Sector–5, Kalpana, Vaishali, GHAZIABAD. After 5/21, Kalpna Apartments, Sector–5 new address of “Tamanna” is now “Aakash Maindwal Foundation 71, Kalpana Apartments, Sector–5, Vaishali, GHAZIABAD. Aakash Maindwal Foundation House No.-531, Ground Floor, Sector – 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad – 201010.


Our Vision

“Aakash Maindwal Foundation –AMF” believes that basic education is every child’s right and considering the gaps in literacy rate in the country, especially for females; there is tremendous scope to work and provide for these gaps. Majority of the children in the underprivileged sections of the society still do not have access to basic education and skill development and AMF aims to touch such lives to the maximum reach in order to provide them the possibility of a brighter future.

Lack of funds and facilities still remain the biggest hurdles for these children. The trust believes that every corporate citizen of India should come forward for this cause and contribute to the development of these children, the future of this nation. AMF aims to accelerate these efforts and put them in the right direction for maximum effect. For the nation to prosper, education is a primary pillar. No child should beg for a living. Every child must go to school. Every child must get a fair opportunity to create a healthy and sustainable life.

Our Mission

Bringing all children to the basic level of literacy
Identifying and nurturing talent in children
Providing capable tutors for teaching
Providing necessary resources to enrolled students to facilitate studying
Providing personality development training
Imparting basic computer skills with practical sessions
Arranging employment awareness and vocational training camps
Providing for occasional leisure activities such as magic shows etc
Encouraging children to pursue higher studies and create sustainable careers for themselves
Admission of maximum children in English medium schools
Regular tracking of report cards and discussions with their class teachers
Holding regular examinations to ensure progress and provide constructive feedback
Regular counseling for children
Providing for Yoga classes, Games etc on regular basis
Arranging environment awareness and health awareness programme

Desired Working Areas

  1. Providing Secondary/Sr. Secondary education to underprivileged girls from “National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  2.  Assisting in graduate level education from IGNOU & Delhi University (Open & Regular)
  3. Providing personality development training to these girls
  4. Arranging environment and health awareness programs
  5. Eradication of child labour
  6. Arranging employment awareness and vocational training camps
  7. Women empowerment

Reason behind Teaching Underprivileged Girls of Vaishali area in Ghaziabad.

Vaishali area of Ghaziabad has a population of around 3-4 Lakhs. There is good number of Underprivileged Girls in Vaishali area of Ghaziabad. After Class Eight, there is no Government Girl’s school in whole of Vaishali & Kaushambi areas of Ghaziabad.

Majority of the girls studying in this school are not able to study after class 8th. As they belong to deprived section hence they either get married or become maid servants in nearby houses and multistoried buildings. Their parents do not have money to get them admitted in any Public School at Ghaziabad. Their parents are very poor and totally illiterate and don’t believe in teaching their daughters further. As far as admission in government schools in Delhi are concerned, the number of seats in class 9th in government schools at Anand Vihar and Gazipur schools is very few and they take admission of only girls residing in Delhi.

As per 2011 census, 93.33 % population of Vaishali districts lives in rural areas of villages. The total Vaishali district population living in rural areas is 3,261,942 of which males and females are 1,721,221 and 1,540,721 respectively. In rural areas of Vaishali district, sex ratio is 895 females per 1000 males. In view of the above situation majority of the girls are not able to study after class 8th.

“Aakash Maindwal Foundation” (AMF) is a community-based adolescent youth learning center. It aims to include all children in the neighborhood who are forced out of mainstream education system in Vaishali area of Ghaziabad. It primarily offers academic, counseling and other job-related training programs for youth girls (16-25 years). We prepare the students for the Class 10th&12th from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and Graduation level exam (from School of Open Learning’ Delhi) and IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) so that they can obtain formal academic certification.

Recognizing that not all children will obtain formal Class 10th academic certification or pursue higher education, we are also providing career counseling and job-related training in fields such as early childhood education and basic computer skills, so that these young people can directly enter the workforce and pursue sustainable employment opportunities.

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Aakash Maindwal Foundation is registered as a Public Charitable Trust. Trust Deed is registered on 03/09/2009 with Sub Registrar, Delhi, with registration no.8270 in Additional Book No. IV, Volume No. 3158 on Page No. 183-195. Trust Deed is available on request. Aakash Maindwal Foundation is registered u/s 12A & 80G (5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, with the Director of Income Tax (Exemption). Registration No. u/s 12A :(Ref. No. NQ.DIT (E) I 2010-11/ DEL – ARR32670 – 25062010 dated 20/09/2010 And 80 G (Ref. No. NQ.DIT (E) l 2010-11 DEL- AE22137 - 11102010 / 1646 dated 11/10/2010). Aakash Maindwal Foundation is registered under section 10 AC


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